The Rise of the Runelords

A short one off


The story begins like many do… over ale in a tavern.

The Mayor of Sandpoint, Kendra Deverin, sat waiting in the Rusty Dragon Inn, idling sipping her ale as she waited to see who would respond to the flyers she’d posted around town, looking for help in identifying (and hopefully removing) whatever was killing the occasional sheep and cow at the farms to the east of town on the road to the Tickwood.

She’d just about given up hope for the evening, and was staring into her mug when she sensed someone approaching her table. Looking up, she recognized the three figures standing in front of her from around town:

Maela, a rather frightening looking red-skinned Tiefling with large rams horns and a tail, who had taken up residence in town a few months prior with claims of being a “monster hunter”. Kendra had little interaction with her, but other than being rather abrupt, and somewhat rude, she seemed decent enough – or, more important to Kendra and the Sherriff, not likely to cause any problems in town.

Opal, a silver-haired and blue eyed female Elf orphan raised in Sandpoint was well known to Kendra, having had a few run-ins with her in the past. Not a bad sort, Kendra mused, but definitely one whose habit of leaping before looking has led to run-ins with Sherriff Bellor Hemlock – and herself – more than a few times over the last couple of years.

Elora, a young golden-eyed half-elven Wizard, is well known to Kendra, as her mother is Baroness Aims and a member of Magnimars ruling elite, the Council Of Ushers. Elora met with Kendra the day she arrived, and informed her that she was going to be staying in Sandpoint for some time to come, exploring the area and looking for ancient Thessalonian runes and artifacts.

Kendra stands, and begins to address the three when a soft cough to her right causes her to jump and notice a figure in the slight darkness, standing silently in the shadows dressed in clothing as black as pitch. Apart from the faint red glow emanating from his eyes, he appears to be a fairly non-descript human.

With a low, gravelly voice he introduces himself as Dragoth, and as he finishes speaking and takes a step backwards, the shadows appear to wrap around his form, partially cloaking him from view.

Clearing her throat, she begins to tell them about the mysterious creature that’s been stealing livestock, holding up the large black fang that was found next to the body of the last slain animal as she goes into more detail.

After braving (and defeating) goblins, skeletons, various traps, and a reefclaw, the party made its way deeper into the run down ruins. During the course of clearing out the ruins and defeating creatures, Opal found a high quality longsword with dragons etched onto the blade, and Dragoth acquired a large gem that hums faintly when held to the ear. The party collected various other items of worth both perceived, and known, as well.

After clearing out the skeletons, the party discovered the lair of the creature that had been eating livestock – Blackfang, a juvenile Black Dragon. A terrible battle was fought, with Elora succumbing to the Black Dragons acid breath, and Maela falling after a vicious bite attack. Death seemed imminent while the dragon loomed over the party, until Opal noticed her new longsword was glowing brightly. Drawing the weapon, she delivered a devastating blow with the sword, wounding Blackfang and driving him off.
The battle won, the party decides to camp in the old lair to rest and recuperate, and then in the morning they collected the things and made their way back to Sandpoint.


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