Terrors of Sandpoint


These small creatures stands about three feet in height, yet its elliptical head is almost comically oversized for its gangly physique. Its eyes are set wide apart—tiny red beads in a wrinkled face that almost seem too eager to reflect firelight. Just below is a wide maw full of tiny, sharp teeth. The creature is of green-gray hue, dressed in cast-off bits of scavenged refuse and hand-me-downs, right down to its sword—a long jagged piece of broken metal that it waves about menacingly. Few creatures take such glee from destruction and mayhem as goblins. These small pests can be found in nearly any environment, straining the local food chain, menacing the locals, and generally causing trouble for any forced to deal with them, including their kin. They are goblins, and to them, life is here for their twisted amusement, much to the detriment of everyone else.

Goblin Tribes

Bird Cruncher Goblins

  • Live in caves on western edge of Devil’s Platter, southeast of Sandpoint
  • Least aggressive

Licktoad Goblins

  • Can be found in Brine-Stump Marsh
  • To the South of Sandpoint
  • Excellent Swimmers

Seven-Tooth Goblins

  • To the East, in Shankswood
  • Raiders of Sandpoint’s Junkyard and rebuild materials into armor and weapons

Mosswood Goblins

  • Further to the East, and South
  • Largest Tribe
  • Held back by internal feuds

Thistletop Goblins

  • Nettlewood Coast, on small island
  • East and North of Sandpoint

Goblin Heroes

“Big Gug-Mutt”

  • Unusually muscular and tall for a goblin
  • Member of the Mosswood Tribe
  • His Mother was a Hobgoblin and Father was a Wild Boar


  • Member of the Seven Tooth Tribe
  • Extremely Short Temper
  • His Prized Possession is a magical longsword aquired from a “longshank”
  • He Vanished several months ago after discovering a secret hideout “in the cliffs”


  • He is a Cannibal
  • Lives in the Brine-Stump Marsh
  • Not liked by the Licktoad tribe


  • He is the Chief of the Thistletop Goblins
  • He Controls ‘best lair’ of all the goblins, located on an island, with sheer cliff sides, easy to protect
  • He rides a lizard as a mount


  • An infamous bugbear ranger
  • He lives in northern nettlewood
  • Often visits the five tribes to trade for stolen goods
  • Has a particular hatred for elves
  • He and Shelalu have fought on many occasions both swearing to be the death of the other


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