Aldern Foxglove

Nobleman from Magnimar saved by the group during the attack on Sandpoint


Aldern is a handsome man, with medium-length brown hair and fair skin. He can often be seen wearing fine clothes befitting the aristocracy of Magnimar, whether hunting or carousing with women. Those who have the pleasure of conversing with Aldern typically find him charming, well-read and are often entertained by his seemingly endless cache of stories about the high life in Magnimar.


The only son of Traver Foxglove, a Magnimar merchant from a prestigious family. The Foxglove house was burned down in a fire, leaving Aldern and his sisters, they spent time in a Magnimar orphanage before they were claimed by a close family member and taken to Korvosa to be raised.

Fifteen years later, now a grown man and a successful merchant himself, Aldern returned to the Lost Coast, secured a townhouse in Magnimar, and is working to reclaim his family’s heritage.

More recently, during the goblin attack at the Swallowtail festival, the Party saved Aldern from certain death at the hands of a goblin commando and it’s war dog. He seems to have taken a liking to Maela after the rescue, bordering on an obsession. He invited them out boar hunting, and later, invited Maela (and her friends, as an afterthought) to his place in Magnimar.

Aldern Foxglove

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